Wind power projects: issues in Pakistan

The higher end estimated average capital cost of development and installation of Onshore wind farms in Pakistan is USD 1,700 per kilowatt. At predrnt wind farms are being installed in Jhimpir and Gharo regions in Thatta. The avaerage capacity factor in Jhimpir region is slightly highet than Gharo. Jhimpir has better soil conditions and buy in of the locals as well. Nepra is pushing the wind turbine manyfacturers to increase the capacity factors which is forcing them to go for higher tower heights hence increasing the capital expenditure but the tariff allows not much room to increase the capital expenditure to be pooled in thr engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the wind farms. Higher turbines will increase the cost of logistics, civil works, installation works, electrical works, etc. The largest crane that is available in Pakistan is of Leiberr brand with a capacity of 750 ton. That crane cannot reach the heights in planning. The cost of wind farms will increase and the cost of energy will follow.

It is a good time for the Public-private partnership in this field. if this initial high risk stage is made easy for the private sector, streams of private sector investment and sustainable energy will follow.


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